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Let's do study and measures of "Telecommunication chief engineer examination" where a good teaching material doesn't exist though the examination contents is advanced little by little.


Problem of PDS technology of timing of OLT or output control

The problem of ..shine.. [akusesunettowa-ku] of the PDS technology etc. is not only specialized skills (exchange) taken up, and firmly a place because the technology as the problem of the transmission exchange equipment and the plant management that happens frequently as the main in this blog to be suppressed.

PDS uses a passive multidrop equipment by abbreviating Passive Double Star and is a diverging technology in this blog as for the optical access though thought the introduction in the past two or more times.

The imagination adheres for a moment even if said, "It is passive" in short, it is a splitter though might be painful.

It was "OLT" becoming the point in today's question.

OLT is abbreviation of Optical Line Terminal and a terminating set of an optical line as shown in the name.

ONU is opposite OLT ..that.. and becomes a terminating set on bureau [**] side on the user side though thinks the desire of [mazu] ONU as for the terminating set of light and the floatage by the terminating set set up.

Note it though it wrote even at the beginning because the problem related to the optical access around here is a problem of frequent occurrence in each subject.

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  1. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.



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